An exercise in imagination II

Imagine you work at a market-leading hardware distributor with a large and satisfied customer base. You enjoy being part of a long-established business. Things are going well, your processes are working and the profit margins are good.  

However, you know that you must constantly adapt and grow to stay on top of the game. And as your customers’ satisfaction and long-term retention are crucial to you, you can’t afford to just offer the minimum product, you will want to offer all they need in one neat package.  

A transforming energy landscape

You have noticed new business models pushing their way into the energy landscape. You’ve been reading about the Internet of Things and you’ve thought about what digitization could mean for your business. Even though energy and innovation may not be your main focus, you’ve realized that they hold significant potential. Still, you just can’t quite put your finger on how to transform that potential into real business because it’s unchartered territory for you. 

Enter Kiwigrid, a company at home in the digitized energy world. For Kiwigrid and its long-term clients, digital energy is business as usual and so are the commercial returns it reaps. 

Through this partnership you’ll adopt the role of a facilitator. You’ll enable your customers to get further value from their relationship with you – without even having to look after the technical side of things. Meanwhile, you’ll be surrounded by experts in the digital energy landscape, an area previously unfamiliar to you. Clear evidence of success will guide you to continue making incisive decisions in a market where the opportunities are rapidly increasing.  

There’s no need to be apprehensive of the inevitable challenges of change. Change is one of business’ constants and Kiwigrid embraces the opportunities it entails. 

With Kiwigrid as your partner you will tackle challenges head-on, push through them and emerge victorious, ready to repeat the process at the next hurdle.