Boost for sector coupling – Kiwigrid releases latest platform generation KiwiOS X

Dresden, 21.06.2022: Kiwigrid, the IoT company for decentralized energy and e-mobility, launches KiwiOS X, the latest and most powerful generation of the operating system for renewable energy. Delivered as a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), comprehensive interfaces (APIs) enable companies to launch energy applications in a flexible, fast and scalable way.
Today, energy is produced and consumed in more ways than ever before. The rapidly increasing number of PV systems, EVs and heat pumps on the market underlines the speed at which the transformation of the energy system is progressing. To optimize energy use, the various decentralized energy devices from different manufacturers must be intelligently connected and managed. This leads to an immense complexity of interfaces, protocols and firmwares. In order to be able to utilize the diverse possibilities in a scalable and future-proof manner, it is necessary to build and maintain a complex infrastructure.
Energy service providers, hardware manufacturers and system suppliers don’t need to build their own platform by themselves, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive; instead they can quickly build on Kiwigrid’s KiwiOS X platform. When used in conjunction with the recently launched VoyagerX energy management gateway, KiwiOS X provides turnkey connectivity to a broad portfolio of devices from market-leading manufacturers.
Kiwigrid, unlike most of its competitors, offers specific APIs. These are tailored to the device classes of PV inverters, energy storage, EV chargers, heat pumps and meters, independent of device manufacturers and protocols. They provide endpoints for monitoring energy flows up to complex functions for energy management. These function blocks, which can be accessed via an API, allow modular implementation of solutions.
KiwiOS X provides companies with a toolkit to develop customized applications autonomously, independently and quickly. Thanks to the standardized, open API software architecture, the operating system can be easily integrated with adjacent systems. Provided as PaaS, applications can be implemented in a modular fashion according to market development and customer needs, and the device library can be constantly expanded to include the leading devices in the market. The high level of turnkey functionality enables PaaS customers to significantly reduce their development costs and focus on their core business. They retain control over their proprietary functions and can design user interfaces in line with their brand.
KiwiOS X is the result of over ten years of development and operational experience. Today, Kiwigrid already processes over 7 billion data points daily from over 220,000 connected energy devices across Europe. Future-proofing is ensured thanks to integration with Google Cloud and Google technologies in artificial intelligence, machine learning and no-code programming. KiwiOS X meets the highest security requirements. The operating system uses Google Cloud services that comply with the C5 standard issued by the German Federal Office for Information Security. In addition, Kiwigrid's information security management system is certified to the international ISO/IEC 27001 standard. It will also be compatible with smart metering systems in the future, as Kiwigrid has years of experience in developing smart meter gateways according to one of the world's most stringent certification processes in line with the international Common Criteria EAL 4+ security standard.
In future development stages, APIs for smart tariffs and flexibilities will follow. The first major PaaS customer will initially use KiwiOS X throughout Germany for cross-manufacturer connectivity, visualization and optimization of solar systems, energy storage and EV chargers.
Frank Schlichting, CEO of Kiwigrid, said:

“With KiwiOS X we offer a robust platform that enables companies to maximize their development and scaling speed. KiwiOS X is the central operating system for the energy transition to connect, manage and optimize all energy devices in a manufacturer-independent way. It makes the use of renewable energy easier, smarter and cheaper than ever before.“


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