Customizable home energy management and battery simulation

It's a known fact that each individual home is unique. This is also true for the energy device setups installed in a home. The constellations are diverse, and an energy management system must be adjusted to this diversity. The latest updates to Kiwigrid's white-label product TIH ensure exactly that and allow the system to be individually adapted to each constellation. The HEMS recognizes which energy devices are connected and thus only displays relevant information for existing devices. The new battery simulator also enables a calculation of the ideal battery size to complement an existing device setup.

Smart home energy management with and without a PV system

Not every home has a PV system installed on the roof. Nevertheless, it can be worthwhile for homeowners to optimize the energy flows in the home and install a HEMS for this purpose. The new TIH update enables users of TIH.heat and TIH.homecharge to use the TIH end customer portal even without a PV system and main energy meter. It automatically detects which devices are installed and adapts the display of data to the specific use case. For example, the self-sufficiency widget on the dashboard of the TIH end customer portal is only displayed if a PV system is installed. If no main energy meter is installed, the widgets for total consumption, self-sufficiency and system balance are also not displayed. In this case, the analysis section consists only of the ‘Overview’ tab electricity consumption.

Determining the ideal extension for the personal set-up with the battery simulator can be used to optimize the direct consumption of self-generated PV energy. This means that times of intense solar radiation are detected and used to charge or operate energy devices in the home. To ensure that self-generated energy can also be used during times of low PV yield, an energy storage system is recommended. With the battery simulator integrated in TIH, end customers can easily experience the full potential of an energy storage system. The following examples show how this can work:

Example 1: The Smith family have already installed a PV system, as well as a HEMS, and is now thinking about installing an energy storage system for their home. In the new "Simulate battery" tab, the family can determine the optimal size of a future battery. To do so, they must enter the annual consumption, the maximum PV power, and the battery size in the configurator to reach the desired degree of self-sufficiency. They can then request an offer for the determined battery size in just a few steps. If values for annual consumption and PV yield are already available, these are initially loaded and used for the simulation. The Smith family need not do anything else.

Example 2: The Evans family owns an electric car and has recently installed a heat pump. The family is already an end customer of TIH.heat and TIH.homecharge and is now thinking about installing a PV system and storage in their home. The simulator allows the Evans family to determine the ideal size of PV system in combination with a battery based on their annual consumption.

For Kiwigrid's customers, the battery simulator offers a simple and affordable way to convince end-customers to purchase a battery.

A clear analysis section in the end customer application

All current energy flow diagrams between individual devices are displayed directly on the dashboard in the TIH end customer application. Since the latest TIH update, the individual elements and devices of the energy flow diagram are directly linked to the analysis area. Users can thus go from the energy flow diagram directly to the analysis section, where they can view a large amount of measured data over the entire period covered.

A manufacturer-independent and customizable HEMS 

Kiwigrid's manufacturer-independent, sector-coupling HEMS connects devices from different manufacturers, covering all device classes and various complex setups. This versatility makes it future-proof and internationally scalable for our customers. With TIH, we provide a product that can be easily adapted to the individual use cases of end customers. The battery simulator offers Kiwigrid's customers an easy and affordable way to convince end customers to expand their set-up and purchase a battery.


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