DREWAG Netz, TU Dresden, Kiwigrid, exelonix, and Robotron embark on a jointly funded EdiS project

The five consortium partners from Dresden have launched a jointly funded project: “EdiS – Energiedienste in der intelligenten Stadt, beispielhafte Erweiterung auf die Lebensbereiche Wohnen und Mobilität” [Energy services in smart cities, exemplary enhancement of the residential and mobility sectors].


The use of smart metering systems and service platforms not only enables applications that secure regulated grid operation but also allow for this infrastructure to be applied to other business models in different areas of life. The plan is to develop and implement three exemplary application scenarios, with a special focus on “Assisted living”, “Electromobility”, and the creation of a regional energy community.


More partners, such as housing cooperatives and People’s Solidarity, are also set to be integrated over the project’s three year period. “This enables new requirements to flow directly into the project”, explains Steffen Böttcher, head of the Energy and Meter Data Management department at DREWAG Netz GmbH.


“In particular, the collaboration of the local, closely linked partners with their different specialization fields provide a decisive advantage for the project”, adds Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Schegner, Chair of the Professorship for Electric Power Supply at TU Dresden.


Matthias Hertel, the Managing Director of Kiwigrid, further explains that: “Digitization, especially the Internet of Things, brings the energy revolution to the end customer. EdiS seeks to show that cross-sector cooperation, especially at a regional level, is the key to success. Being a Dresden company, we are thus all the more pleased to add our contribution with our solutions”.


Björn Heinemann, Managing Director of Robotron Datenbank-Software GmbH continues: “The approach to open up new markets and create added value based on the mandatory Smart Meter Gateway is essential for the entire industry”.