enviaM introduces its new home energy management system with SolarCloud

  • Modern and forward-looking solution for smart energy management and virtual solar energy storage for detached and semidetached houses
  • HEMS and SolarCloud were developed as part of the cooperation between Kiwigrid and the enviaM Group
  • SolarCloud is also marketed by innogy and Lechwerke AG



enviaM sells all its PV systems with the new Home Energy Management System (HEMS), soon to be extended with SolarCloud. The product is a modern and forward-looking solution for smart energy management as well as a virtual solar energy storage option for detached and semidetached houses. The digital solution was developed as part of the cooperation with Kiwigrid GmbH. The energy service platform of the Dresden company serves as the IoT and technical backbone of the new product.


HEMS was specially developed for customers with photovoltaic systems who want to visualize and control their energy flows. The energy management system includes software that allows the rooftop solar, energy storage, and consumer devices to communicate with each other. This ensures that the self-generated electricity is used in the most effective way.


Physical energy storage systems hit their limits if, for example, they are tasked with storing the solar energy produced in summer for use in winter. After all, the electricity that’s produced in summer would be an ideal supplement to your self-generated electricity during the dark winter months when PV systems produce almost no solar electricity on some days. This is precisely why enviaM, LEW, and innogy developed the SolarCloud, which enables virtual storage of solar energy.


enviaM Group focuses on digital services


By using smart products, the enviaM Group is a driving force behind the energy transition’s digitalization process. IoT applications, such as HEMS, offer customers innovative and digital solutions. The increasing networking of energy producers and consumers has resulted in the Internet of Energy, which in turn creates a requirement for new products. “The Internet of Energy requires the courage to rethink things and first take a 360-degree view of all involved areas. We see this as an opportunity develop ourselves further as an energy service provider. It is not just residential customers and energy suppliers who will benefit from our innovations in the coming years - but also industrial customers as well,” explains the Project Manager, Franziska Rudolph.


Open system for easy integration of new devices


The Kiwigrid platform is the IoT- and software-based backbone of the HEMS and SolarCloud solutions. “We combine the solar system, energy storage, and SolarCloud into one smart and customer-centered system. We will continue to develop the product further in conjunction with innogy and the enviaM Group”, adds Tim Ulbricht, Managing Director of Kiwigrid.


The Dresden-based company specializes in connecting and orchestrating of many small-scale distributed energy resources to form one system and already manages millions of data points of connected distributed energy resources on its platform. This is Kiwigrid’s basis for its numerous services, which include system integration, installation support, and strategic consulting.


All components are integrated and controlled by Kiwigrid’s energy manager and KiwiCloud. The devices currently include modules from HECKERT SOLAR and SOLARWATT, inverters from KOSTAL, and energy storage systems from VARTA and SOLARWATT. Since the Kiwigrid platform is an open system, integration of additional devices is possible at any time.






About enviaM


The enviaM Group is the leading regional energy service provider in eastern Germany. The corporation supplies around 1.3 million customers with electricity, gas, heat and energy services. The Group has around 3,500 employees and includes envia Mitteldeutsche Energie AG (enviaM), Chemnitz, and other companies in which it has a majority holding. These have made it their goal to develop the Internet of Energy in eastern Germany. The majority shareholders in enviaM are innogy SE and around 650 eastern Germany municipalities.


Press contact: Josephine Sönnichsen, envia Mitteldeutsche Energie AG, T 0371 482-1737, Josephine.Soennichsen​enviaM.de




About Kiwigrid


Kiwigrid aims to help utilities, vehicle manufacturers, and manufacturers of distributed energy resources master the energy transition. Customers of the Dresden company use the energy service platform to open up new markets, diversify their products and services, and pull ahead of their competition. To make this possible, Kiwigrid offers them cutting edge IoT technology and energy services that help increase energy efficiency, optimize the use of renewable energies, pave the way for electric vehicles, and stabilize grids. Kiwigrid GmbH was founded in 2011 and now employs over 160 staff from various parts of the world. Since then, the company has built up a wealth of expertise in energy as it relates to the Internet of Things and intelligent energy management. Kiwigrid is one of the world’s leading technology companies in these areas and was once again included on the Global Cleantech 100 list in February 2018.


Press contact: Daniel Kühne, Head of Marketing, T +49 351 50 195 0121, daniel.kuehne​kiwigrid.com