Kiwigrid's intelligent charging solution for EVs protects the climate and saves electricity costs

solar-optimized EV charging kiwigrid

Dresden, 2nd June 2021: Kiwigrid’s white label solution homecharge enables solar-optimized electric vehicle (EV) charging with self-produced green energy. EV owners can optimize their self-consumption and save between EUR 230-5001 per year in electricity costs.

While e-mobility is booming, EV owners still face several challenges, such as charging their EVs inexpensively, easily and reliably. Ideally, homeowners with a PV system should charge their vehicle intelligently whenever there is a PV surplus. However, this has been difficult to implement due to a lack of an integrated solution for solar-optimized charging.

Using Kiwigrid's homecharge product, end customers can charge their EV intelligently at any time, optimizing the use of surplus solar power and maximizing self-consumption. Due to the reduced residual electricity consumption, a household with an average PV system and EV can save around EUR 230 per year and reduce their carbon footprint by almost one ton. Larger systems enable savings of up to EUR 500.

Cost savings, however, are not the only important factor for EV owners. They need an uncomplicated charging solution that easily integrates into everyday life. Kiwigrid’s homecharge app makes it easy to view and manage the charging process and wallbox status in real-time, any time of the day. End customers can individually preset their departure time and needed capacity, which automatically selects one of several charging modes for optimal, sustainable and reliable charging.

Homecharge is part of Kiwigrid's white-label home energy management system that allows the management of energy devices from various manufacturers. It is already being used by thousands of end customers across Europe as part of sustainable energy products by Solarwatt, enviaM, BayWa r.e., the Thüga Group and LEW. Wallboxes from various manufacturers are compatible with the solution, including Mennekes, Webasto, ABL and Keba.

Kiwigrid is also currently exploring the possibilities of EV charging that contributes to grid stability. This allows network providers to offer their end customers financial incentives for charging their cars at times of high feed-in of renewable energy and relieving the grid at times of high production.

Frank Schlichting, CEO of Kiwigrid, comments:


In the decentralized energy world, end customers should be able to coordinate and optimize their energy consumption simply, easily and independently of manufacturers. This also applies to the intelligent charging of their EV. Our homecharge solution makes the combination of self-produced solar power and e-mobility even more attractive, supporting everyone in making an active and profitable contribution to the energy and transport transitions.

1With a 7 kWp PV system (average system size in Germany) and an annual mileage of 10k km with a VW ID.3 with 25 kWh, cost savings of about EUR 230 are possible. Households with a large PV system and EV with 100 kWh can save up to EUR 500.


About Kiwigrid

Kiwigrid is the software and IoT company for renewable energy. The KiwiOS platform is used to operate white label products for energy suppliers, the automotive industry and manufacturers of decentralized energy systems. Kiwigrid enables its customers to open up new markets, diversify their offerings and differentiate themselves from the competition. The Dresden-based company was founded in 2011 and currently employs over 150 people. Kiwigrid is a leader for intelligent energy management and works with E.ON, BayWa r.e., LG Electronics among others.

About The Independent Home

homecharge is a white-label product running on the powerful, highly secure energy service platform KiwiOS. The product is part of The Independent Home white-label product family, which includes home energy management, EV smart charging, and year-round supply of clean, self-produced energy for private homes, as well as the ability to remotely perform vendor-independent equipment maintenance.