From working student to Platform Software Architect - Manuel Hoffmann's KiwiStory


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When Manuel's KiwiStory started in September 2014, he was still at the beginning of his computer science studies. Four years later, after completing his education and spending some time in the “Kiwi homeland” of New Zealand, he successfully wrote his thesis on smart meter gateways. Fast forward to the present day, and Manuel adds strength to the KiwiOS platform team as a Software Architect. In this role, he has contributed many company milestones. Manuel is an important member of our team thanks to his infectious enthusiasm and ability to communicate the variety of views in our teams constructively.


"We all work in one of THE industries of the future, in a company that is very committed to its employees. Let’s be proud of our contribution to a more sustainable world. I’m excited to continue contributing to our green solar-powered ‘KiwiShip’ journey!"

Manuel Hoffmann, Platform Software Architect


6 years at Kiwigrid – your highlights so far:
"Even during my time as a working student, I was able to celebrate a number of small successes. While at Kiwigrid, I wrote a paper, in which I showed how smart meter gateways could be integrated into the Kiwigrid environment. This allowed me to present a complex topic in an understandable way and to excite colleagues from different departments, which was a great motivator for me. Most recently, I was involved in the a well-founded decision-making system for our platform. Achieving this was a vital milestone on our way to opening the KiwiOS platform, and also means that we can establish a new, future-proof business model." 

8 questions for: Manuel

  1. Your coffee?
    • My coffee is tea
  2. Your favorite mode of transport? 
    • Bicycle 
  3. Greta Thunberg, Superman, James LeBron, the Cookie Monster, Lassie (the dog from the movie) or you – who or what inspires you?
    • The Cookie Monster: without food I can’t function, no matter what time of day it is ;)
  4. Waste sorting, no car, your own PV plant... – what’s your personal sustainability challenge / mission?
    • Waste sorting and more and more packaging-free solutions
  5. Your work space?
    • Team clean desk 
  6. The best operating system? 
    • Doesn’t exist :D I have worked with all three - Windows, Linux and iOS/macOS - for a long time …
  7. Your best working hours? 
    • Early bird: I prefer to work earlier rather than later
  8. Your favorite Kiwigrid product?
    • For me it’s The Electrifying City - I think this is where the future is heading: intelligent connected clusters/districts/communities


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