Rainforest conservation in Canada with Wilderness International

Together with Wilderness International, we contribute to the preservation of the rainforest in Canada. Planting trees is very important to us at Kiwigrid. In the past, we have already participated several times in tree planting campaigns organized by “My Tree - My Dresden”. By protecting and preserving large ecosystems such as the rainforests in Canada, we can ensure that even more CO2 remains bound. The deforestation of such forests would not only be disastrous for the diversity of existing ecosystems. It would also release a huge amount of CO2 into the atmosphere. Wilderness International's goal is to protect the last 2.8 percent of intact habitats on our planet by 2050 through legally secure purchases. We were particularly impressed and convinced by the documentary “Mission Canada” by Robert Marc Lehmann and Mission Erde e.V.

The Wilderness International Foundation purchases legally secure wilderness areas and protects them for the future. The purchases are refinanced by donations, which also ensure the long-term protection of the areas and enable environmental education projects and research into CO2 storage and biodiversity. As a donor, we received a personalized certificate with the exact geo-coordinates of the protected forest area, so that the protection is directly traceable. Every euro donated saves one square meter of habitat. Sounds good. But it's even better. With our donation, we are protecting a habitat of over 5,000 m2 with countless niche habitats for a huge variety of animals and plants that interact with each other in symbiosis.

Offsetting emissions by supporting suitable climate protection projects

Sustainable business is very important to all of us at Kiwigrid. Together with our partners, we are a key driver for a world that is powered 100 percent by renewable energy. At the same time, we also release CO2 into the atmosphere with our office building, our mobility and the use of data centers in our everyday lives. With ClimatePartner, we have been calculating the resulting CO2 emissions year by year since 2019, storing these calculations and then developing suitable measures to avoid and reduce CO2. We offset the emission of the same amount of CO2 by supporting suitable climate protection projects, such as rainforest protection in Canada.

We also do this, for example, by supporting solar projects in Africa, such as the construction of a solar park in Namibia. Together with CUCOMO e.V., we have helped a village school in Mozambique to enable more children and adults to participate in education with a PV system on the roof. We also support rainforest conservation projects in the Amazon and social projects in Africa that promote better health and equal rights for women.

Transparency and effectiveness

When selecting suitable climate protection and sustainability projects, we pay particular attention to two aspects: Transparency and effectiveness. It is important to us that it is very easy to understand what happens with our funds. At the same time, it is important to us that the funds used are as effective as possible. Sustainability also plays an important role for us in the joint partnership, as many social and ecological projects only develop their full impact after several years.