An exercise in imagination III

Imagine you work at an energy utility company.  It’s been an unusual time for you and your colleagues, as for the last decade the promise of a changing energy landscape has threatened your modus operandi. Renewables, digital energy and electric vehicles are all exciting and ideologically sound, but where does that leave the big energy providers? On top of that, how can you reconcile all of this in an ever-digitizing world that will rely heavily on a steady, cheap and clean supply of energy? It’s all a bit overwhelming. In an industry that’s becoming more and more saturated with buzzwords – AI, machine learning, Internet of Things, electromobility – someone needs to take the reins. This is where Kiwigrid comes in.  

Turn complex matters into easy-to-follow systems

Not only is Kiwigrid an expert in energy, but it’s also a specialist in all things digital. What’s more, they know how to marry the two together, turning tricky situations which others find complex into systems that are easy to follow.  And that’s not all, as customers using the company’s platform are introduced to businesses and firms from multiple industries that perhaps wouldn’t have been seen as relevant previously. Working with Kiwigrid instantly increases service offerings, whether that is by taking advantage of new partnerships, improving your own customer service, showing you are listening or simply to be pioneering, just by accessing a new energy world from a single source.  Kiwigrid’s platform offers the potential to completely change the way the energy world works by enabling utilities to tap the potentials of a digital and distributed energy world and by putting the power back into the hands of end users. The change is already happening; the energy world is democratizing and distributing before our very eyes and early adopters are enjoying the benefits. Kiwigrid offers the perfect opportunity to be a part of it.


Within energy utility companies, it’s necessary for the bold individuals to approach the challenge face on and to jump on the bandwagon quickly. Discover your options.