Energy Manager VoyagerX. 
Flexible connectivity.
Unparalleled ease of installation.


The Energy Manager VoyagerX is a compact gateway for energy management. It connects PV and energy storage systems, as well as EV chargers and heat pumps into a manufacturer-independent sector-coupled system, acting as an interface between the energy devices and the energy IoT platform KiwiOS.

Compact Gateway for a fast and flexible installation

With the Energy Manager VoyagerX, your company is equipped for all current and future energy IoT use cases. Unlike conventional gateways, the VoyagerX can be easily mounted and connected to the end devices. It does not have to be mounted on the top-hat rail in the control cabinet, but can be fixed directly onto the energy devices or next to them. In most cases, it is ready for use in less than ten minutes. The device can also be installed by end customers themselves, while installers conveniently complete configuration remotely. It includes interfaces for all relevant wired and wireless networking types such as Ethernet, fieldbuses, WLAN, Bluetooth and LTE. And thanks to its 4-core processor, it is as powerful as a smartphone.

Extremely powerful and secure

For all energy IoT use cases today and in the future

  • The quad-core processor makes it as powerful as a smartphone, supporting all current and future energy IoT use cases
  • High processor performance and modern OSGi architecture enable parallel use of several applications, ensuring maximum, future-proof use case flexibility
  • Highest security standards powered by recognized, state-of-the-art data transfer encryption and user and end device authentication
  • Communication with the relies on services that comply with the C5 standard issued by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)
  • Unique, modern hardware design reduces dependence on global supply chains

Compact hardware design

For fast installation and simple system upgrades at any time

  • Top-hat rail installation in the usually crowded control cabinet is not necessary
  • Wiring of the energy devices to the control cabinet is not necessary, saving material costs and time
  • Flexible installation directly to the energy device or on the wall
  • Allows decentralized placement of energy devices around the home (especially important in existing buildings and for retrofits)
  • Intuitive installation wizard enables uncomplicated connection of devices and rapid configuration
  • Remote configuration saves valuable time

Highly flexible sector coupling

Thanks to manufacturer-independent device connectivity

  • Manufacturer-independent device and system-level connectivity for different manufacturers*
  • Supports all relevant device classes: PV inverters, hybrid inverters with DC-coupled battery storage, AC-coupled energy storage systems, heat pumps, heating rods, energy meters and smart metering systems*
  • Supports all levels of complexity – from simple device setups (e.g. EV charger only or PV system and EV charger) to complex systems (e.g. PV system with energy storage, EV charger, energy meter and heat pump)
  • Bluetooth* support for even simpler and faster installation and configuration
  • Highly flexible connection of energy devices either cable-based via Ethernet, I/O, RS-485 and S0 or wireless via Wi-Fi and LTE*
  • Internationally scalable due to support of standardized protocols such as Modbus, SG-Ready, Sunspec and EEBus*, as well as various proprietary protocols by major device manufacturers
Some of the mentioned functions, interfaces or technical possibilities are not yet implemented. We will gladly provide you with a complete list of the possible compatibilities and functions of the Energy Manager VoyagerX as well as the Kiwigrid product portfolio on the basis of a NDA.

The VoyagerX at a glance

Technical data

“The ease of installation and performance of VoyagerX are comparable to that of a smartphone. We understand the needs of end customers and installers. Time and again they explained their need for an easy-to-install, powerful and future-proof gateway. And so, we listened. VoyagerX is built on our experience with over 20,000 sector-coupled installations across Europe. This makes it unique.”

Dr Frank Schlichting (CEO)

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