We believe in a world powered by 100% renewable energy.

We know that the way humans have been living on the planet is unsustainable. We want to change that.

We can help solve the challenges associated with switching to renewable energy sources.

We can help the global energy sector move from fossil fuel-based to zero carbon to limit climate change.

The future of energy is decarbonized and decentralized. We provide the platform.
You change the world.

We have built the most powerful platform and products for decentralized and digital green energy.

We are paving the way for a net-zero economy powered entirely by renewables, driving sector convergence and helping people maximize their energy efficiency.


Our platform

Our products

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We are at the cutting edge of innovation.


For over ten years we have developed innovative products powering the energy transition.

It doesn’t stop there.

Our team is at the forefront of research and development, participating in industry-leading lighthouse projects exploring smart grids, energy communities or the utilization of small-scale flexibilities.


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Our Team

Janek Schuffenhauer

Chief Financial Officer
(Managing Director)

Dr. Frank Schlichting

Chief Executive Officer
(Managing Director)

Dr.-Ing. Carsten Bether

Member of the Advisory Board and Chief Product Officer

Matthias Popella

Authorized Signatory

Hans-Peter Villis

Chairman of the Advisory Board
(Energy Advisor, AQTON SE)

Dr. Achim Wörner

Member of the Advisory Board
(Member of the Management Board, DELTON Technology SE)

Our mission is huge. We need the best team to accomplish it.

Join us on the journey to a world powered entirely by sustainable energy.


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Trusted across sectors

IoT is complex. Energy systems are even more so. The combination of both is the supreme discipline of the energy transition. You can rely on our built up know-how for the efficient integration, visualization and optimization of devices across sectors and manufacturers. Our products have proven themselves tens of thousands of times in productive operation in the field. Numerous companies use our platform and standardized products with a total of over 220 thousand connected devices (and counting). They have also implemented over 100 projects with us for a wide range of innovative applications such as bidirectional EV charging, energy communities and demand response.

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