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“Over the past ten years, Kiwigrid has grown from five passionate founders to over 140 inspiring team members. Every day we are driving the decentralized energy transition and I’m immensely proud to be heading a company that truly lives its values. We challenge the status quo and support each team member to achieve individual and group success.”

Dr. Frank Schlichting (Chief Executive Officer)

“Implementing the decentralized energy transition is extremely exciting from a technological perspective. I would even describe it as the “biggest software project of our time”. At Kiwigrid, we are breaking new, unprecedented ground by building a platform to monitor, control and manage an enormous amount of decentralized renewable energy. Based on standard technology and in collaboration with our cloud partner Google, we aim to significantly increase the use of locally generated renewable energy. This requires a large transactional power plant characterized by high scalability, a very high level of security and robust distributed intelligence.”

Dr.-Ing. Carsten Bether (Chief Plattform Officer)

"Creating added value for our customers is the basis for our economic success and directly links to our contribution to the success of the decentralized energy transition. Accompanying a start-up with heart and vision on this road to success is as exciting as it is challenging. We want to be a company that makes a positive and sustainable impact both externally and internally, for our employees, customers and investors, the economy and the environment."

Janek Schuffenhauer (Chief Financial Officer)

Our values

We are always a step ahead, rethinking the status quo of energy and setting standards for the new energy world.

We think across boundaries and do everything we can to avoid silos.

We accept challenges and always work with our customer in mind.

The quality of our products exceeds the expectations of our customers. We settle for nothing less than the best.


We use our economic and ecological resources responsibly.

We love Mondays

  • Team sports and health activities
  • Flexible and agile working hours
  • Permanent contracts
  • Internal company newsletters
  • Company pension plan
  • Continued on-the-job training
  • In-house language courses
  • All-company meetings on a regular basis

We are Leaders for Climate Action

We challenge ourselves by undertaking small actions in our everyday lives that have a positive impact on the planet.

We use our to collect insightful, anonymized data about how our products, clients and end customers are contributing to climate protection.


Learn more about sustainability at Kiwigrid


Why we love what we do

“People want to live in harmony with the planet and so the world is undergoing an energy transition. In order to move away from fossil fuels and create a zero-carbon future, we have built a platform and products that underpin and drive this change. Our solutions are at the cutting edge of the renewable energy world. We have developed a fully customizable and highly secure software platform - KiwiOS - that connects, monitors and optimizes the multitude of assets, systems and partners that a decentralized power system relies on.” 

Carsten Bether (Chief Plattform Officer)


Find out more about KiwiOS

Our products make decentralized energy economic, convenient and highly secure.


We connect, control and optimize  PV systems, energy storage systems, EV chargers and heat pumps.


In homes, for businesses, and the grid.

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