Sustainability at Kiwigrid

Through our energy service platform KiwiOS, we develop energy products for the future and connect all areas of a sustainably powered world. Sustainable energy is why we get out of bed in the morning. It also plays a crucial role in our corporate culture. In this blog, we want to give you an insight into what that means for us day-to-day.

How our products contribute to climate protection

Through KiwiOS, we develop products for a world powered entirely by renewable energy with our customers. Together with Google, we built a dashboard on our that shows us anonymous data on the positive impact of our products and how many emissions our customers are saving.


How we make our own CO2 emissions visible

To be able to save emissions, we first need to know where they are being generated. That's why we measure our company's carbon footprint in cooperation with Leaders for Climate Action – a business community that supports approximately 1,500 member companies.


How we cut emissions

These measurements show us the areas where we emit the most CO2, for instance, in how our employees travel to work. To reduce emissions, we have installed five EV charging stations at our office premises for employee use.

Additionally, we work with BusinessBike Germany to offer all our employees bicycle leasing. We now cover around 65 percent of our commutes by bike. And in a joint project with ADFC Dresden e.V., we have set up an e-bike rental station at the Kiwigrid office, available to everyone in the Dresden-Pieschen district.

Regular analysis of our CO2 data means we can continuously review the impact of the measures we have put in place and identify any potential for improvement.

How we offset unavoidable emissions

Our goal is to completely offset our carbon footprint. Although we cut emissions where we can, some emissions – from our office building, vehicle fleet and external services – are unavoidable for now. We therefore offset these emissions through climate protection projects certified by Climate Partner. Most recently, we supported the construction of a solar park in Namibia that contributes to the country’s energy independence by supplying renewable electricity.


How we challenge ourselves

For all Kiwigrid employees, critically examining sustainability issues is part of our everyday lives. We hold regular team challenges that address sustainable living, such as the need for a low-carbon diet and ways to cut emissions at home.

Building the new energy world is an urgent and exciting challenge for which we need dedicated people that value sustainability both at work and in their everyday lives.

Is sustainability important to you too? Join us