Reducing energy bills.
Opening up new revenue streams.
Creating a competitive edge.

The all-electric megatrend is transforming the energy system. Subsequently, to cope with the ever increasing volatility, a scalable and secure energy management system at the grid edge is necessary. Demand-side flexibilities from electric vehicles and heat pumps integrated into energy markets offer great financial incentives to the end customer, giving your business a unique market positioning.

How it works

Homeowners want energy independence away from fossil fuels.
Electric mobility, heating and renewable energy are on the rise.
Our products enable homeowners to manage all their energy needs with ease while saving hundreds of euros on their energy bills and tons of kilograms of carbon footprint.

Built on KiwiOS, The Independent Home white label products connect, visualize and optimize PV systems, EV chargers, heat pumps and energy storage systems.

You receive an easy-to-install field gateway, access to our highly secure and scalable as well as engaging branded web and mobile UIs for your end customers and installation partners.
Introducing the market’s leading OEM-agnostic home energy management system to optimize energy flows and costs across multiple assets and value streams.

OEM-agnostic. Sector converging.

Cost saving. Easy to use.


Introducing The Independent Home

What we deliver

The Independent Home products

  • Support of PV inverters and energy storage systems from a variety of leading manufacturers
  • Basic product for optimizing PV self-consumption with electric vehicles and heat pumps allowing user to set individual preferences and schedules for PV-based energy management
  • Engaging visualization and analysis of system performance with regards to PV generation, self-sufficiency, self-consumption and feed-in
  • Real-time status monitoring of PV and energy storage system
  • Dynamic PV inverter deration to maximize PV yields


  • Support of EV chargers from a variety of leading manufacturers
  • Intelligent control of charging session to maximize self-consumption in combination with
  • Engaging visualization and analysis of energy flows associated with charging sessions
  • Allows user to set individual energy management preferences for the EV charger
  • Real-time status monitoring of the EV charger


  • Support of heat pumps and heat rods from a variety of leading manufacturers
  • Intelligent control of heat pump and heat rod loads to maximize self-consumption in combination with


  • Sophisticated asset management features for installers, system operators and service staff
  • More efficient service business thanks to monitoring of devices across device classes and manufacturers in one place
  • Quick installation and configuration of the energy management system thanks to guided in-app manual
  • Professional incident management features to quickly intervene in the event of malfunctions
  • Mature product thanks to years of development with and for installers


How to exploit the huge

market potential

A home energy management system (HEMS) is the key to a sustainable energy transition. The associated market potential is immense. Our e-book provides an overview of the most important HEMS use cases and advantages for end customers, grid operators and manufacturers.

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Creating unique value

For your business

  • Sell a higher variety of hardware setups and therefore gain a higher market share
  • Create a competitive advantage by selling hardware with a greater end customer benefit
  • Decrease your dependence on OEMs and avoid costly management of connectivity partnerships
  • Retain your end customers more effectively thanks to a branded direct communication channel

For your end customers

  • Can save up to 500 € by shifting EV loads and an additional 400 € by shifting heat pump loads into times when the sun shines
  • Can select from a higher variety of hardware setups independently from OEMs
  • Gain future security, because they know that they will be able to purchase a new device from an unknown manufacturer at a later date
  • Make better informed decisions on whether or not to invest in new/additional hardware assets
  • Reduce complexity by managing their entire home energy within one app
  • Are better involved in their need for being part of the energy transition by visualizing their sustainability in terms of energy

For your installation partners

  • Can sell a higher variety of hardware setups and thus decrease dependence on OEMs
  • Reduce number of on-site visits and thus reduce cost-to-serve
  • Avoid use of several OEM monitoring portals and thus fulfill the maintenance contracts more efficiently

Trusted across sectors

IoT is complex. Energy systems are even more so. The combination of both is the supreme discipline of the energy transition. You can rely on our built up know-how for the efficient integration, visualization and optimization of devices across sectors and manufacturers. Our products have proven themselves tens of thousands of times in productive operation in the field. Numerous companies use our platform and standardized products with a total of over 220 thousand connected devices (and counting). They have also implemented over 100 projects with us for a wide range of innovative applications such as bidirectional EV charging, energy communities and demand response.

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