Making the energy transition tangible at home: Kiwigrid's new end customer portal

Communication with end customers is a fundamental aspect of the decentralized energy transition. That’s why it plays a central role at Kiwigrid. Our new end customer portal is the biggest update to our product The Independent Home (TIH) in five years:

  • Numerous new features
  • Simplified operation
  • Energy flows in the house at a glance
  • Savings clearly visible
  • Completely redesigned user interface
  • Significant improvements in performance

In this blog we present some of the main features of the new end customer portal.

Customizable energy flow chart

The first thing users get to see is a completely redesigned energy flow chart, which answers the following questions at a glance:

  • What is the current electricity yield? 
  • Is the energy storage unit being charged with surplus solar power? 
  • Is the heat pump switched off because the EV is being charged first? 

The presentation of the house, as well as all widgets, can now be customized for our clients. This makes the TIH user interface unique in the energy market and allows it to fit seamlessly into the existing corporate design.


Keeping an eye on self-consumption and self-sufficiency at all times

Apart from the current energy flow in the house, users are primarily interested in the current degree of self-sufficiency and the extent of self-consumption. Both have therefore been given a prominent place and are immediately accessible.

Numerous new widgets

In addition to the existing TIH.homecharge widget for intelligent EV charging that maximizes self-consumption, the update provides numerous new widgets on the dashboard. When opening the TIH end customer portal, they display the most important data at a glance: 

  • Current total consumption
  • Source of consumed electricity (PV system, energy storage, grid)
  • Degree of self-sufficiency in the last three months
  • Charge status of the energy storage unit

The self-sufficiency widget not only allows a comparison to the two previous months, but also to the respective month of the previous year, making long-term energy efficiency improvements even more tangible.

The dashboard now also includes a widget listing all measurable devices in the home. This allows for a faster installation of smart plugs, which makes it even easier to regulate energy efficiency at home. 

Improved date selection in the analysis area

The date selection functions in the analysis section have been extended. Based on well-known calendar applications, there is now an additional direct selection for a view by day, week or month. In these displays, it is possible to switch between views, such as between the current week and the previous week, with a single click. This encourages and simplifies a regular use of the analysis section.

Integration of RSS feeds for news

A news widget supports the integration of relevant RSS feeds. New products, tariff information or interesting facts about existing products can be made available to users directly and without additional effort. The RSS feeds can be provided and maintained independently by our clients.

Inner values: More performance and flexibility

Many of the major updates behind the scenes are not immediately visible to users but can be felt throughout. All data for the web-based application and the mobile app is now provided in a consistent manner by the newly developed HEMS service. 

In conjunction with cutting-edge technologies, these changes provide a huge performance improvement that is noticeable both when using the end customer portal and when developing new features. These improvements will make all future TIH developments faster, more flexible and more agile.

Two options for managing the transition 

For maximum flexibility, we are offering our existing clients two options for managing the transition to the new end customer portal. With the first option, the update can be immediately activated for all users. Alternatively, the users are free to switch between the old and new TIH end customer portal for a limited transition time. Our new clients get to use the update from the start.

Energy is no ordinary product: while it’s extremely complicated, it also feels familiar and is even somewhat taken for granted. We see our TIH end customer portal as a connector between people and complex technology. It makes renewable energy emotional and tangible.

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