First products: enviaM and Kiwigrid forge ahead with the "Internet of Energy"

  • "Internet of Energy" opens up new areas of digital business for the enviaM Group.
  • Kiwigrid and enviaM present their first results at E-World in Essen.
Since the end of 2016, the enviaM Group has been working with Kiwigrid to develop the "Internet of Energy". “In collaboration with Kiwigrid, we are driving the digitization of the energy transition from our base in central Germany and in so doing we are delivering value creation and job oppor-tunities in the region. We are laying the foundation that will allow us to offer our customers inno-vative digital solutions”, says Tim Hartmann, Chair of the Board of enviaM AG. The cooperation between the enviaM Group and Kiwigrid GmbH is running successfully. Specifically, three new ranges of products and services are being created for the 1.4 million private and business custom-ers of the enviaM Group.

The "Internet of Energy" opens up new areas of digital business for the enviaM Group

enviaM has developed a new energy management system for private customers. This forms the intelligent control center and links power producer, storage and consumption in the most effective way. The system provides the optimal flow of electricity in the household. Owners of photovoltaic systems, for example, can control their use of the electricity they generate themselves with the “Energy Manager” gateway and can increase it in combination with a battery storage system. This option can be viewed on from April 2018. The plan is to extend this intelligent energy system to include other services, such as integration of heating systems and electric vehicles, for example.

For the operators of distributed renewable power plants, cogeneration systems and boiler sys-tems, a software solution has been created that automates report creation and submission to the authorities. The report work that has been carried out manually until now will largely be replaced by an integrated IT solution. Development of the software will be completed in the first half of 2018 and it will then be marketed to public utility companies, distance heating suppliers and industry and business customers. The website will provide further information about this as of February 6, 2018.


For hotel and restaurant operators, the e-Box Business product, comprising charging solutions for guests with electric vehicles, is ready to launch. This is intended to integrate operation of a charg-ing infrastructure into business processes. Charging points can be activated from reception, for example, making billing easier. The launch is scheduled for mid 2018.


Other products relating to electric mobility, sub-metering, load management and energy consumption monitoring are in the pipeline. Sub-metering pilot tests are currently taking place, for example. Here all the media in a household, including hot and cold water, heat, electricity and gas, are brought together and delivered by an intelligent metering system. There is no more need to read meters, and billing in the housing sector becomes more efficient.


“We are taking an integrated approach to product development. The digital solutions are suitable for all customers: from home owners, through industrial companies, to public utilities. We are also focusing on the issue of linking electricity, heat and transport in future, so-called integrated energy”, continues Hartmann.


Kiwigrid platform as the basis


The basis for the enviaM Group’s “Internet of Energy” in terms of infrastructure and software is the Kiwigrid platform. At the same time, Kiwigrid plays a role in the partnership that involves far more than simply supplying the platform and software: “We see ourselves as partners and we are supporting the enviaM Group in ways that go beyond agile software development. This includes support for the digitization strategy, business model evaluation and sales implementation”, reports Kiwigrid CEO Matthias Hertel. “The enviaM Group is one of our most important partners in Germany. Together we are developing IoT-based energy services and making them ready for the market”, adds Hertel.


Kiwigrid and enviaM present their first results at E-World in Essen


The enviaM Group and Kiwigrid will be presenting their solutions at E-World, Europe’s leading trade fair for the energy sector. enviaM can be found at Stand 100 in Hall 3, Kiwigrid at Stand 6-320 in Hall 6. There will also be a panel discussion on the Internet of Energy involving the two com-panies at the Kiwigrid stand at 3 p.m. on February 6, 2018.






The Internet of Energy: The energy transition is leading to a move from centralized to decentralized energy supply. Millions of energy consumers are being confronted with millions of small, even tiny energy producers. The Internet of Energy brings these two sides together and also combines the electricity industry with the heat and transport sectors. The basis for this is the data from energy producers and energy consumers. They are linked together, thereby facilitating intelligent control of energy systems. The result is a secure, economical and environmentally friendly supply of energy. The enviaM Group is developing the Internet of Energy in eastern Germany in collaboration with partners from the region.


enviaM Group: The enviaM Group is the leading regional energy service provider in eastern Germany. The corporation supplies around 1.4 million customers with electricity, gas, heat and energy services. The Group has around 3,500 employees and includes envia Mitteldeutsche Energie AG (enviaM), Chemnitz, and other companies in which it has a majority holding. Together they are shaping the future of energy in eastern Germany. The majority shareholders in enviaM are innogy SE and around 650 eastern Germany municipalities. Further information is available at


Kiwigrid: Kiwigrid helps utilities, automotives, and providers of distributed energy assets to succeed in a fast-changing energy world. Kiwigrid's customers harness its services and IoT technology to explore new markets, to diversify their offering and to set themselves apart from competition. For this purpose, Kiwigrid provides them with IoT solutions that increase energy efficiency, optimize the use of sustainable energy, pave the way for electric vehicles and balance demand and supply. Kiwigrid GmbH was founded in 2011 and now employs over 140 staff from various parts of the world. Since then the company has built up a wealth of expertise in energy as it relates to the Internet of Things and intelligent energy management. Kiwigrid is one of the leading technology companies in the world in these areas and was again included on the Global Cleantech 100 list in February 2018. AQTON SE, LG Electronics and innogy SE create a strong base as its strategic shareholders.