Becoming active for Dresden – Kiwigrid plants new city forest

On November 29th the last plant event of "Mein Baum, meinDresden" took place. The aim was to bring several hundred oaks, cherrytrees etc. into the loamy soil on the DVB open-air ground at the Pennrich trackloop. The protagonists: countless tree seedlings, over 50 spades, watering cansand above all many helping hands. Instructions were given by the experienced planting professionals of the non-profit foundation "WildernessInternational".

"We're in - not just financially, but actively!" Kiwigrid Managing Director Matthias Hertel already made this promise during the current crowdfunding round of Germany's largest tree planting campaign "Mein Baum, mein Dresden". On 29 November 2019, Hertel, his partner Janek Schuffenhauer and five other Kiwis took the spade in their hands. What at the beginning was only a colourfully spotted lawn was to be a new city forest a few hours later. How did this succeed? In addition to Kiwigrid, other volunteers from Dresden and the surrounding area took part in the campaign. Interesting: the colourful lawn spots served as a plant map for the different tree species - because only the balanced plant distribution makes a real city forest. Until the sensitive seedlings are rooted in, "Wilderness International" wants to take care of the professional cultivation and care itself. New plant events are not planned until autumn 2020.

„Mein Baum, mein Dresden“ is driven by the promotion of healthy cooperation among friends, neighbours and colleagues. Contrary to the attitude "I can't do anything after all". the community makes an active contribution to the sustainable improvement of the environmental conditions and thus the quality of life in the region. More information about the project can be found at Mein Baum, mein Dresden.