A day in the life of our Technical Consultant

Since the start of this year, Peter Mirtschink has been supporting Kiwigrid's sales department as a Technical Consultant. In this position, he acts as an interface between customers and product development. We asked Peter to explain his job, what challenges him in particular, and why he enjoys working at Kiwigrid.

What do you do as a Technical Consultant at Kiwigrid?

Peter: I communicate directly with customers and our product developers and work out technical solutions to meet the requirements of customers. I'm also responsible for the prequalification of our hardware. As the first step, I check whether our customers' wishes are feasible and meet the technical requirements. In the second step, I determine the steps required to meet these requirements and pass the information on to Product Management and Development. Based on this, a time forecast can then be made as to how long the installation process will take. 

Recently, for example, we had to find out whether our products can be used in conjunction with multi-inverters, which are recently becoming increasingly widespread. For this purpose, we had to check the interconnection of the devices with each other in addition to the interconnection with our products     .

Are there any other areas of responsibility?

Peter: Among other things, I'm also responsible for the production of training videos for our system. In order to highlight the added value for our customers, we regularly produce short videos addressing queries that show setting and optimization options within our system.

What do you find most challenging about your job?

Peter: The biggest challenge is probably the unpredictability. There are some days that can run very predictably, such as Tuesdays and Thursdays, when we always have a sync meeting in the morning with the sales team. Each person gives a brief outline here of where he or she stands and if help or input is needed. Apart from these fixed appointments, however, my days are always very different and varied. I never really know what to expect during my workday, but I like that because it keeps things exciting. Other challenges include language barriers and the different time zones of our service providers, but also the scope of Kiwigrid itself. We are a very multi-faceted company with complex technology. That offers plenty of challenges, but can also be fun.

Office or home office?

Peter: I actually have three different work locations to choose from. On the one hand, I'm allowed to work from the home office at any time, which allows a great deal of flexibility. Or if I prefer, I can go to the office in Dresden or to our test site in Neuwiese. That's where the system validation takes place and where we also produce the training videos. Depending on what I'm working on at the time, I decide which location is most suitable. I really appreciate this variety and flexibility.

What makes Kiwigrid as an employer stand out to you as an employee? 

Peter: On a professional level, it’s very appealing to me that I can continue to learn on the job. On a personal level, I really appreciate the fact that Kiwigrid places great emphasis on work-life balance. Above all, the compatibility of family and work is always kept in mind. If you have any worries about something, you can always find a sympathetic ear to help devise a joint solution. I don't take that for granted, and I'm all the more pleased that Kiwigrid places such a high value on personal wellbeing.


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