Energiekonzepte Deutschland drives energy transition in the home with Kiwigrid's hardware and software solutions

Dresden/Leipzig, 25.10.2023: The growth champion of the solar industry, Energiekonzepte Deutschland (EKD), is expanding its offering to include the AMPERE.IQ energy management solution. For this, EKD integrates the company's Kiwigrid IoT solution for energy management and optimization. EKD will be the next major customer to integrate Kiwigrid's PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) offering with its EKD Cloud, providing its end users with a home energy management system (HEMS) featuring AMPERE.IQ. End users can control their energy flows via the AMPERE.IQ app, thereby saving costs and increasing their energy independence. The hardware components of the HEMS are Kiwigrid's Energy Managers, of which the company has already delivered a four-digit number to EKD. 

Scaling at lightning speed

The two companies are currently developing a crucial building block for the energy transition in private homes at high speed. The cooperation enables both companies to significantly scale their offerings and empower more private individuals to help shape the energy transition. EKD has expanded rapidly in recent years and now employs over 450 people, more than 2,400 consultants and over 100 installation partners. As a full-range provider, EKD sells coordinated solar solutions with the AMPERE product world, which is designed to grow fully connected with the requirements of more than 23,000 customers. Kiwigrid's platform services significantly contribute to networking and intelligently controlling all AMPERE components. After the market launch, Kiwigrid and EKD plan to rapidly scale their energy management solution and implement thousands of hardware installations as early as next year.

Complete solution for self-sufficient energy generation

Depending on the situation on site, the AMPERE.IQ Smartbox uses Kiwigrid's rail-mounted Energy Manager RailX or the plug-and-play Energy Manager Voyager X gateway. The gateway sends energy data to the cloud, where it is processed. The AMPERE.IQ Smartbox ensures the intelligent interaction of all energy devices in the home: solar systems, electricity storage systems, heat pumps and EV chargers. Systems can be monitored and controlled in real time, reducing end customers' electricity consumption in the long term.

Big plans for the future: connecting heat pumps and air conditioners - plus already solar-based charging for EVs and price-signal-based charging with dynamic electricity tariffs

In addition to solar systems and storage units, other devices, such as heat pumps and air conditioners, can be intelligently connected to make their use more efficient. End customers can therefore ensure that the EV in the garage recharges with self-produced solar power and that the heat pump operates when the sun is shining.

In addition, AMPERE.IQ already offers the possibility of using dynamic electricity tariffs. This means electricity is constantly charged from the grid when it is cheapest on the electricity exchange.

Dr. Frank Schlichting, CEO of Kiwigrid, comments: "EKD is a pioneer in complete solar solutions and has shown impressive growth in recent years. We share the ambition to drive the energy transition in the home making EKD the ideal partner for us. The cooperation is another significant milestone for us to scale our offering considerably and bring momentum to the energy transition together."

Timo Sillober, CEO of EKD, adds: "Power supply with self-generated electricity must be simple, it must pay off and, above all, it must satisfy the customer. With Ampere.IQ, our customers are ideally positioned for the present and the future. Even if the sun doesn't shine for a while, the customer can save money 365 days a year thanks to the intelligently connected year-round energy system based on AMPERE.IQ."


About Energiekonzepte Deutschland (EKD)

Founded in 2018 with only two employees, EKD is now one of the market leaders in the German solar market. Where solar systems were sold in the beginning, today, intelligent and smartly connected year-round energy systems with a future are installed in and on customers' homes. From the roof's solar system to the basement's power storage unit. Modularly expandable for every need: whether hot water, heat pump or EV charger - perfectly and individually tailored to the respective need. Smart and future-proof. For more self-sufficiency, more energy and more security. 

To date, EKD has installed over 25,000 systems on Germany's roofs. Customer satisfaction is ensured daily by more than 450 permanent employees at four locations, more than 2,400 freelance field staff throughout Germany and a nationwide network of more than 100 trade and installation partners. Further information is available at: www.ekd-solar.de.