Energy management for the home in a new mobile app

Following the relaunch of the desktop version, Kiwigrid has now also launched its new mobile energy management app, The Independent Home (TIH), for homeowners. The numerous new TIH features are now optimized for smartphones and tablets. The app is available for download in the Apple and Google Play stores.

Improved mobile use

Previously, end customers had to navigate to TIH via a browser when looking to access the product via a smartphone or tablet. However, the overview of energy flows in the home can now be accessed directly from a customer’s home screen thanks to the new app. Additionally, the tabs and toolbars of the web browsers are no longer required, meaning that end customers can now use the entire display size for a clear presentation of energy generation and consumption values.



Full range of functions

TIH in the web browser and the new mobile app use the same data source. This means that users can access the entire range of functions of the product’s end customer portal in the app and in the browser at any time.

Intuitive operation due to user-friendly design

The individual corporate design of the TIH web version has been adapted and transferred to the new app. This guarantees recognition among users and facilitates intuitive operation.

The latest TIH features - now also available on mobile devices

In the future, regular updates will deliver all new TIH features and essential security updates directly to the smartphone. The app is also constantly being further developed. The next step will be to make the analysis and optimization functions even clearer and more user-friendly.

For more information on the many options available at TIH, click here!

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