Kiwigrid and sunvigo develop energy management system "Sunformer" for optimizing electricity consumption

Cologne/Dresden, 28. February 2024 - The solar energy company sunvigo announces its cooperation with the Dresden-based IoT company for energy management and energy optimization Kiwigrid. Together, the two companies are developing the new "Sunformer" energy management system exclusively for sunvigo customers.

Sunvigo customers can now achieve greater transparency and control over their energy consumption and costs by installing a small box in their homes. This allows homeowners to control the use of large electricity consumers such as EV chargers directly via the sunvigo app. In this example, sunvigo develops the software and algorithms that efficiently coordinate the interaction between the generated solar power, the EV charger, the electricity storage unit and the electricity consumption and wholesale electricity prices. Kiwigrid supplies the hardware and integrates sunvigo's smart control logic and the sunvigo app into the Kiwigrid platform. This insight into energy consumption data enables customers to use their energy more efficiently and thus reduce their costs. The collaboration between the two companies lays the foundation for a smart, needs-based energy supply in the home.

All-in-one solution for more control, transparency and cost efficiency

In addition to increased control, transparency and cost efficiency, customers can view their consumption trends and CO₂ savings over the last few months in the sunvigo app. By installing smart meter gateways, sunvigo can also provide additional features such as its own dynamic electricity tariff "sunvigo Green Dynamic". 

With the dynamic electricity tariff, the electricity prices from the electricity exchange are passed on to customers on a one-to-one basis resulting in further savings potential for sunvigo customers. The data from the electricity price exchange is integrated directly into the sunvigo app via the smart meter gateway and the Sunformer making the new energy management system an all-in-one solution for sunvigo customers. 

"We are delighted to have Kiwigrid on board as a strong partner with more than ten years of IoT experience. With over 30,000 end customers, Kiwigrid offers the ideal solution to realize our goal of connecting several thousand devices to the network in the next two years," says Vigen Nikogosian, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of sunvigo. 

"We share sunvigo's vision of an energy supply from 100% sustainable sources. In order to drive this urgently needed transformation forward quickly, we need dynamic and attractive offers for customers. At the same time, our solution effectively saves energy. We are delighted to be actively shaping the future of energy supply together with sunvigo," summarizes Carsten Bether, CPO of Kiwigrid.


About sunvigo
sunvigo is building a Europe-wide solar power community to drive the transition to digital, more decentralized and 100% green energy forward. Founded in Cologne in 2020, the company is currently active on the German market with a team of 130 employees. Sunvigo offers a Power-as-a-Service product for homeowners. Here, sunvigo plans, builds and operates energy systems for end customers and connects them together in sunvigo's virtual power station. The innovative technology enables an integral and cost-effective power supply while making a significant contribution to climate protection.