Kiwigrid introduces future-proof maintenance system for decentralized energy devices at home

Kiwigrid evolves its software solution for service technicians and installers with a manufacturer-independent incident management system for the maintenance of decentralized energy devices in the home.

Intelligent home energy management that includes efficient maintenance is crucial to the success of sector coupling at home. But service staff and installers are faced with new challenges: not only has the number of device types increased, but the devices themselves and the interaction between them has become more complex. Existing maintenance systems are hardly fit for the decentralized energy future.

Service staff and installers need secure, digital solutions to monitor the high number of networked devices and to intervene quickly in the event of a malfunction, ideally via remote maintenance.

While error messages are typically displayed in often incomprehensible code, Kiwigrid’s new incident management will automatically translate error codes into understandable, easy-to-action language. Malfunctions or low equipment performance can be detected at an early stage and the necessary measures can be easily identified. In many cases countermeasures can be taken before the malfunction is noticed by the end customer. This saves maintenance and deployment costs. It also makes the use of decentralized energy devices in the home more convenient for end customers.

Kiwigrid’s incident management supports devices such as energy storage, inverters, heat pumps and EV chargers independently of the manufacturer. Using easily accessible and intuitive software, Kiwigrid’s customers can define which errors are relevant to their application areas and when they want to be notified. For each device, service staff and installers can create rules tailored to the customer’s specific needs.

Kiwigrid’s new incident management is based on the white-label product TIH.installer and Kiwigrid’s energy service platform KiwiOS. It is now being used for end customers throughout Europe, for example by service staff and installers of Kiwigrid’s customers E.ON and Solarwatt.

Frank Schlichting, CEO of Kiwigrid, comments:

Our incident management helps to realize sector coupling in people’s homes. Never has there been such a comprehensive solution tailored to the everyday needs and challenges of service staff and installers.


About Kiwigrid

Kiwigrid is the software and IoT company for renewable energy. The KiwiOS platform is used to operate white-label products for energy suppliers, the automotive industry and manufacturers of decentralized energy systems. Kiwigrid enables its customers to open up new markets, diversify their offerings and differentiate themselves from the competition. The Dresden-based company was founded in 2011 and currently employs over 150 people. Kiwigrid is a leader for intelligent energy management and works with E.ON, BayWa r.e. and LG Electronics among others.

About The Independent Home

TIH.installer is a white-label product running on the powerful, highly secure energy service platform KiwiOS. The product is part of The Independent Home (TIH) white-label product family, which includes home energy management, EV smart charging, and year-round supply of clean, self-produced energy for private homes, as well as the ability to remotely perform vendor-independent equipment maintenance.