Kiwigrid supports Smart Meter Initiative and drives the expansion of smart meters

Dresden, 16.05.2024: Kiwigrid is now a supporter of the Smart Meter Initiative. Launched by green energy providers Octopus Energy, Tibber, Rabot Charge and Ostrom at the beginning of 2024, the initiative aims to accelerate the expansion of smart meters in Germany together with metering points and distribution system operators. After just a few months, the Smart Meter Initiative is already growing and gains the support of energy IoT provider Kiwigrid.

From 2025, all German households will be legally entitled to a smart metering system. The demand for smart meters is increasing rapidly - the industry association Bitkom expects a six-figure number of new orders for 2025. Together with the meter operators responsible for installation, the Smart Meter Initiative now wants to develop a standardized process for ordering smart meters and installing them cost-effectively. The initiative is already in touch with several metering points and distribution system operators. The joint aim is to install smart meters throughout Germany and thus significantly accelerate the energy transition.

The supporters of the initiative are united by the vision that end users should always be able to obtain the cheapest and greenest electricity.

"We are delighted to have Kiwigrid on board and look forward to jointly paving the way for a fully renewable energy-powered economy," says Jan Rabe, CEO of RABOT Charge. 

Smart meters enable dynamic electricity tariffs that intelligently link electricity consumption with the electricity market. An electric car can be charged at times when particularly cheap green electricity is available, for example. 

"The Smart Meter Rollout is crucial to finally bring dynamic tariffs to homes. In our role as a provider of energy management systems in the Smart Meter Initiative, we are delighted to be actively driving forward sector coupling and thus the energy transition together with electricity suppliers and metering point operators", says Dr. Frank Schlichting, CEO of Kiwigrid. 


About Smart Meter Initiative
The Smart Meter Initiative founded in January 2024 consists of the digital green energy providers Octopus Energy, RABOT Charge, Tibber and Ostrom. Together, the companies want to support and accelerate the Smart Meter rRollout in Germany. As pioneers of dynamic tariffs, they work together with metering point and distribution system operators to promote the early installation of smart electricity meters. The vision: to offer consumers the opportunity to flexibly adapt their own electricity consumption to the electricity supply and thus benefit from lower prices.


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