Kiwigrid wishes a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

An in many ways challenging yet also exciting year is drawing to a close. In 2021, Kiwigrid did a lot of pioneering work to build a solid foundation for the years to come. A foundation that will not only move our own company forward, but also contribute significantly to the increased adoption of decentralized renewable energy. We are proud to offer our customers a manufacturer-independent energy service platform and standardized products geared towards specific added value for end customers next year. Before heading into our Christmas break, we would like to look back at some of our 2021 highlights with you.

We have built the most powerful platform and products for decentralized and digital green energy.

  • 200,000 inverters, energy storage units, EV home chargers, heat pumps, meters and industrial sensors: Our energy service platform KiwiOS is employed by 15 international customers, connecting the decentralized energy world. In October this year, we reached a milestone by connecting more than 200,000 connected devices.

  • Green energy for 35,000 households: Our connected PV capacity has grown to 120 megawatts, helping our platform provide smart green energy for over 35,000 households. Based on the German electricity mix, our KiwiOS platform has helped save 24,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Continued development of our platform and products – what we have achieved

We have worked hard over the past year to further develop our platform and products

  • Solar-optimized charging with self-produced energy: We have launched our white-label product TIH.homecharge, a solar-optimized EV charging solution for homeowners.
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  • New platform generation KiwiOS X: Our new platform generation KiwiOS X was used for the first time by the new SOLARWATT Energy Manager.
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  • Future-proof maintenance system for installers: We have evolved our product for installers to include a manufacturer-independent incident management system. 
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  • Affordable EV charging that contributes to grid stability: As part of the FlexHub research project we tested a new EV charging mode with MITNETZ STROM. 
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  • Full migration to Google Cloud completed: In January we’ll share more details about why this is a major milestone for our customers. Follow us on LinkedIn to be the first to know.

Kiwigrid's new website – we invite you to have a look around

We believe in a world powered by 100% renewable energy.

We drive sector convergence through a powerful platform for connecting and optimizing decentralized energy and e-mobility. We have completely redesigned our website. Take a look!

Work life at Kiwigrid

What role does sustainability play in our everyday work? Find out in this blog post. We were delighted to be part of the "Mein Baum – mein Dresden" campaign again this year, where we planted trees in the Weixdorf forest near our company headquarters in Dresden.

Kiwigrid comments on the energy transition

The future of energy is decarbonized and decentralized. We provide the platform. Our customers change the world.

Since our foundation, the political importance of the energy transition and climate protection has increased dramatically in Germany and around the world. The 26th UN Climate Change Conference COP26 in Glasgow sent an important signal to initiate the phase-out of fossil energy. We shared our take on the results of the conference in a LinkedIn post.

The new coalition in Germany sees combating climate change as one of its central tasks. We commented on the recently released coalition agreement in an opinion piece on our blog.

Big plans for 2022

  • Our new platform generation, KiwiOS X, will be made available to all our customers.
  • We will continue to expand our successful product "The Independent Home” focusing on offering end customers the highest possible financial and environmental benefits.
  • We will launch a new product, “The Electrifying Mobility,” addressing EV charging infrastructure for companies.

Thank you for working with us over the past year. We wish you a happy and peaceful Christmas and all the best for the New Year!

Frank Schlichting (CEO), Carsten Bether (CPO) and Janek Schuffenhauer (CFO)