Kiwis are committed to more sustainability

We are committed to sustainability and demonstrate this in our corporate behavior. Every individual can make a contribution.  Our Kiwis have also asked themselves: How can I live sustainability in my everyday life? What can I do personally? We asked two Kiwis what specific plans they have for 2024 to make our planet greener and got some exciting answers:

"I plan to help steer political events in the city and exert influence to make Dresden climate-neutral by 2035," says Jan Froneberg (photo), product owner at Kiwigrid. "To achieve this, I'm actively involved in DresdenZero. It's an initiative that's really worth supporting."

DresdenZero is an initiative of Dresden citizens who are committed to climate protection. The aim is for Dresden to become climate-neutral by 2035. To achieve this, they are calling on the city to draw up a concrete action plan to achieve this goal. Measures to achieve this could include greening the city or calming traffic on Dresden's streets. The initiative is currently supporting the revision of the energy and climate protection concept. They see themselves as networkers and initiators for administration, business and science.

Kiwi Philipp is also politically active. In 2024, he wants to bring politics and climate even closer together at municipal level:

"I've already had a few meetings and conversations with a local politician about climate issues. Next, I want to make this topic more present in her party. I would also like to promote cooperation with GermanZero and not just act as a mediator, but become active in LocalZero myself."

LocalZero is a sub-organization of GermanZero that focuses on local politics in cities and municipalities; it is a network for climate-neutral municipal development. LocalZero consists of more than 90 local teams and a central office that supports the teams and other local actors. The aim of LocalZero is for Germany to become climate-neutral by 2035. The network focuses on cities, municipalities and districts, as this is where the most can be achieved.

Local teams of committed people are joining forces, local politicians and administrators are rethinking their plans and companies are reorienting themselves. They all know: We must become climate-neutral - by 2035 at the latest. LocalZero offers the necessary structures, advises and provides models to achieve this goal.

GermanZero is committed to a climate-neutral Germany by 2035 at a national level. The members of the organization are committed to a sustainable world in which future generations can also enjoy a good life. This includes limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees. GermanZero shows how this can be done and has developed a legislative package that contains all the necessary climate measures at federal level. The organization is supported by the civic commitment of over 1,000 volunteers.

Philipp has even more ideas and concrete plans for the coming years:

"I've registered for a small campaign for 2024: moorland renaturation as part of the mountain forest project. I would also like to support the Gemeinwohl-├ľkonomie Berlin-Brandenburg e.V., because our capitalist economy is inevitably and demonstrably destroying our livelihoods."