Practical tools for the maintenance of decentralized energy devices

The battery or individual modules of the PV system have failed and the energy yield is much lower than predicted? The HEMS no longer delivers any values? Until recently, such incidents were only detected by customers at a very late stage and led to dissatisfaction or even lowered self-consumption. With Kiwigrid's new incident management system, service staff and installers can intervene quickly, often before customers notice an issue. In this blog, we share some of our practical innovations to improve the maintenance of decentralized energy devices.

E-mail notification in the event of malfunctions

Kiwigrid’s new incident management gives service staff and installers the opportunity to recognize relevant malfunctions occurring in their customers' installations at an early stage. Several alarm rules can be created for each device. These can be used to monitor device characteristics such as whether an Energy Manager is offline for a longer period of time or whether a battery has exceeded or fallen below an important threshold value. Such malfunction messages can be emailed automatically to several recipients.

This means that:

For the demo video, an alarm rule was defined to automatically send an email after the Energy Manager was disconnected from the network for one hour:

Filter installations by specific devices and device setups

It is often helpful to be able to filter for specific devices and device setups. For example, if service staff or installers were to detect a problem in the inverter/battery connection, it would be important to also check other connections involving these devices.

To search specifically for devices or device setups in TIH.installer, the entire list of installations can be filtered by device, device class, combinations of several devices and by device manufacturer. Once a filter is set, only the installations that match the selected device filter are displayed in the installation list.

Define keywords for installations and filter by them

Especially for service employees, we have included the option to assign individual labels to installations (e.g. "VIP"). Once these have been defined, the selected installations can be quickly displayed using the filter function.

The service staff can select added keywords (e.g. from other colleagues) and see when and by whom a keyword was added to an installation.

Intelligent maintenance systems are one of many important factors for a successful energy transition. Decentralization requires a highly automated, fully digitized interaction of hardware, software and processes. This requires a platform that can support the many use cases and complex connections of the future energy world.

Learn more about KiwiOS, our software platform that enables you to connect, monitor and optimize the multitude of assets, systems and partners that a decentralized energy system relies on.