Sailing through the winter with smart energy: Kiwigrid enables connection of EEBUS heat pumps, new electric heating elements and other devices from Shelly

In the face of the energy crisis, more and more people are placing importance on saving electricity and heating costs. Those who supply themselves with self-produced electricity are less dependent on fluctuating energy prices. The greatest added value for end customers is provided by heat pumps, heating elements and electric heaters for the climate when they are intelligently controlled and connected to other energy devices (e.g. the PV system). Since the last update, KiwiOS X has supported the integration of EEBUS heat pumps, device connectivity for the variable heating elements from my-PV as well as further devices from Shelly.

Connecting heat pumps via EEBUS

KiwiOS X now makes it possible to connect EEBUS-compatible heat pumps to the home energy management system. EEBUS is an interface with which devices can be integrated across sectors and communicate with each other. Other EEBUS-compatible devices can also be integrated via this interface in the future (e.g. charging stations and electricity storage systems).
Heat pumps that support EEBUS can now be operated in a PV-optimized manner. Depending on the PV surplus, the flexibility of the heat pump can be utilized meaning that the heat pump operates more when the sun is shining and PV generation is particularly high.

Solar-optimized water heating & electric heating

Thanks to the latest KiwiOS-X update, conventional heating installations can also be retrofitted with variably adjustable electric heating elements as an alternative to heat pumps. These are integrated into the intelligent PV optimization, which significantly reduces the consumption of conventional energy sources. The update now makes it possible to connect the AC-THOR and AC-THOR 9s photovoltaic power managers and the AC ELWA 2 water heater from Austrian photovoltaic heating expert my-PV. With the my-PV AC-THOR, heating water in the house can be controlled continuously between 0 and 3 kW (single-phase) using an electric heating rod, depending on the surplus PV energy. With the my-PV AC-THOR 9s, even continuous control between 0 and 9 kW (three-phase) is possible. The my-PV AC ELWA 2, installed in hot water and buffer storage tanks, can be continuously controlled with an output of between 0 and 3.5 kW.

​​ Added value for end customers

The integration of heat pumps, heating rods and electric heaters into the HEMS enables homeowners to become even more self-sufficient and independent of the uncertain energy market. Users of a HEMS can achieve significant energy savings and achieve financial benefits. Every energy saving also makes a valuable contribution to climate protection. Figures prove this: If a PV system is installed in a single-family home, the CO2 savings are around 10 percent. In an overall system in which the electric car and heat pump are also supplied with solar power, CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 80 percent.


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