How to exploit the

huge market potential

A home energy management system (HEMS) is the key to a sustainable energy transition. The associated market potential is immense. Our e-book provides an overview of the most important HEMS use cases and advantages for end customers, grid operators and manufacturers.


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A HEMS is worthwhile for end customers, network operators and OEMs

We believe in the success of energy solution providers that drive sector coupling and offer a seamless shopping and product experience to their end customers. The key to decentralized value streams lies in the development of applications that take advantage of sector coupling. The more the sectors are connected, the greater the benefit for the end customer.

The Independent Home (TIH) white label products connect, visualize and optimize PV systems, wallboxes, heat pumps and electricity storage. All products are based on the KiwiOS platform, which provides a strong technical backbone. TIH includes an easy-to-install gateway, access to the scalable and secure KiwiOS.cloud, and web-based and mobile apps for end customers and installation partners.


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