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High-performance. Sophisticated. Proven thousands of times in the field. With our two high-end gateways, Energy Manager VoyagerX and Energy Manager RailX, we unleash installer capacities and thus accelerate the energy transition across all sectors.

The future of intelligent connectivity and energy management for PV systems, energy storage, charging infrastructure and heat pumps

With its two energy IoT gateways Energy Manager VoyagerX and Energy Manager RailX, Kiwigrid tackles two of the major challenges of the energy transition. To decarbonize the energy system and switch completely to renewable energies, over 100 million PV and energy storage systems, EV chargers and heat pumps must be connected and intelligently managed by 2030 in Europe alone. Since installation capacities are limited due to the shortage of skilled workers and the rapidly increasing demand, installation must be as simple and fast as possible. Kiwigrid's new gateways solve both problems. 

Kiwigrids hardware is based on eleven years of expertise and experience regarding the development, as well as the stable operation of a manufacturer-independent energy IoT platform for international customers such as E.ON, Solarwatt, Zolar and BayWa r.e. Kiwigrid distributes the gateways as white label products through this partner network. Currently, Kiwigrid's energy IoT gateways already link more than 75,000 inverters, energy storage systems, EV chargers, heat pumps, meters and industrial sensors, controlling more than 250,000 IoT items.

The Energy Manager VoyagerX and RailX collect the device data and transmits them to the Kiwigrid platform where they are processed for monitoring, analysis and remote maintenance purposes. With the help of the collected data, forecasts for energy generation and consumption can be created and used for the intelligent control of energy flows by the Energy Managers. The intelligent control by the energy IoT gateways enables users to increase their own consumption of self-generated solar power, reduce their carbon footprint and lower their electricity costs.

While the Energy Manager VoyagerX can be placed anywhere as a plug-and-play solution and can therefore also be easily installed at a later stage, the new Energy Manager RailX DIN rail gateway is suitable for complex device setups and installations on the DIN rail or in pre-assembled terminal boxes.

Energy Manager VoyagerX

Compact gateway for unparalleled ease of installation

Energy Manager

High performant gateway for top-hat rail installation