Mental health in the world of work

Mental health has been becoming increasingly important for many years and contributes to a consistently satisfied workforce.

Mental health is important for employees

Mental health is an important part of our general well-being. It influences how we feel, think and act. Stable mental health is a prerequisite for a high quality of life and performance.

Mental health is particularly important for employees as it has a direct impact on work performance. Studies have shown that employees with mental health problems are sick more often, work less productively and are dissatisfied with their work.

Mental health is also an important factor for us as an employer. After all, healthy and satisfied employees are more productive, more innovative and create a pleasant working atmosphere in the team.

Mental health is an important building block for us when it comes to sustainability. Not only do we want to be sustainable in our approach to reduced CO2 emissions and the goal of 100% renewable energy, but we also focus on the value of sustainability in our corporate culture.

What are we doing to promote our mental health?

There are many things we do to promote the mental fitness of our employees.

We ensure an open and tolerant corporate culture: an open feedback culture in which we feel comfortable and are not afraid to talk about problems. We treat our colleagues with appreciation and respect. #charterofdiversity

We offer all employees flexible working models: These include flexible working hours, trust-based working hours, individual part-time or full-time models and mobile working. This also enables us to achieve a realistic work-life balance.

Not all breaks are the same: in addition to regular break times, our employees can not only relax and switch off, but also get some exercise in our office with table tennis, billiards or table football. Exercise is a great way to balance work and we want to encourage this.

We have also introduced supporting measures: These include company health management, financial support for Urban Sports Club memberships, participation in regular sporting events and support from a certified running coach. We are always open to new ideas and like to try out what really benefits our employees.

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