One-stop solution: A/V/E provides first-level support for Kiwigrid

How can our latest gateway be installed in a photovoltaic setup? How can incident management be made more efficient and what are the benefits of the battery simulator? First-level support knows the answer. It is the first point of contact for installers and end customers with technical questions about the system.

In order to be able to deal with such questions quickly and professionally, Kiwigrid works together with the experienced service and support provider A/V/E, which is trained by the Kiwigrid service team on a regular basis.

"We exchange information with A/V/E regularly, digitally as well as on site. This facilitates the transfer of knowledge between Kiwigrid and A/V/E and ensures a good relationship on a personal level as well", explains Steffen Rietz, Director Service & Quality at Kiwigrid.

Kiwigrid and A/V/E have already been working in close partnership for four years. Our B2B customers benefit from this partnership by being able to cover the entire first-level support in the field of energy management without any additional effort.

What is first-level support?

At this first level of customer service, problems from end customers are first recorded, documented and listed and, depending on their complexity, either solved directly or passed on to an appropriately specialized unit. Typical (application) errors can usually be solved directly by first-level support. For example, if difficulties arise when connecting the Energy Manager to the PV system, first-level support can provide remote assistance and guide the installer through the system step by step. Technically more complex requests and technical errors are passed on to Kiwigrid's second-level support. This is especially the case when software needs to be adapted and the software developers need to intervene.

Added value for Kiwigrid and B2B customers

With A/V/E, Kiwigrid's existing customers and all future customers have an experienced support service provider who is highly knowledgeable about Kiwigrid’s products and is kept up to date on any updates. A/V/E provides Kiwigrid with regular updates on the most common support requests and provides pooled feedback on identifiable trends. Based on this feedback, Kiwigrid can optimize its products and make them even more customer-friendly. Kiwigrid's customers benefit from the fact that the majority of support requests from end customers are handled directly by A/V/E and are processed as efficiently as possible.

A well-trained support team with Kiwigrid know-how and many years of experience

Through A/V/E, Kiwigrid provides its B2B customers like EnviaM, BayWa and LEW with a reliable support system for their end customers and installers. Kiwigrid's B2B customers can conclude service contracts directly with A/V/E. Due to its multi-year partnership with Kiwigrid, A/V/E has in-depth know-how of all Kiwigrid's products. An entire A/V/E team of more than 10 customer service representatives is trained on the products and is available to answer questions and solve problems for any end customer. 

Are you interested in energy management solutions and want fast and reliable end-customer support? Get in touch with us.