Why speed matters for Energy-IoT

More PV systems, electric cars and heat pumps are being installed every day. This rapidly increasing number of installations underscores the speed at which the energy system transformation is progressing. This transition is also extremely necessary because the climate crisis is more pressing than ever and limiting global warming requires rapid action. Those who want to survive in the energy market must be able to keep up with this pace. An Energy-IoT platform provides the necessary basis for this.

Building on the tried and tested saves time

Germany wants to be climate-neutral by 2030. To achieve this, everything must happen quickly. Business models must work immediately rather than taking several years to develop. Anyone who wants to keep up with the fast pace of the energy market must keep the time-to-market as short as possible. Energy companies need to plan at least five years for the development of a stable Energy-IoT platform that connects decentralized energy end devices across different manufacturers and sectors. At this point, it is worthwhile to draw on existing expertise and solutions that have already been tried and tested.

Why an Energy-IoT platform is key

Companies that want to enter the energy market or expand their business model cannot avoid Energy-IoT. Setting up a corresponding system independently requires comprehensive knowledge and comes with numerous hurdles. These include the rapid market developments which place demands on the platform in terms of flexibility, scalability and global availability. 

The energy sector is very complex. Even the separate sectors of heat, mobility and electricity are individually challenging. Coupling the sectors with each other increases the complexity even more. For energy devices to be measurable and controllable, their data must be recorded and evaluated. The difficulty here is that the devices are very diverse, both in terms of hardware and software, and cannot be easily connected. This can take up a lot of time. By using a robust and proven Energy-IoT platform, this complexity can be managed significantly faster and more effectively.

Experience enables flexible and future-oriented action

It takes a lot of experience to incorporate the protocols of numerous different manufacturers of energy devices and have them interact with each other. Kiwigrid has been on the market for over eleven years as an expert in the field of Energy-IoT. Over time, it has established connections with numerous partners and accumulated a great deal of expertise in the integration of energy devices. That expertise is now embodied in the smart and independent Energy-IoT platform which can be used simultaneously by numerous participants in the energy market. The platform therefore offers additional features and cost savings. Instead of first developing basic features, such as user management, themselves, the platform's own services can be used and the associated costs spread across all customers.

To ensure that the platform can still be adapted to the various needs of customers, Kiwigrid offers microservices that can be individualized depending on the use case. The platform remains expandable at all times and is extremely flexible, due to its manufacturer independence. Each company decides for itself whether it wants to use the turnkey product (SaaS solution) or develop its own software, based on the platform (PaaS solution).

"A company in the energy market that wants to build everything from scratch first has to go through numerous learning curves and is much slower than a company that builds its offering on a solid foundation. Using an Energy-IoT platform offers turnkey functional building blocks and thereby maximum development speed. This allows energy applications to be brought to market with flexibility, speed and scalability. Those who are willing to benefit from the wealth of experience of an established pioneer for Energy-IoT will save a lot of time and thereby contribute to the rapid success of the energy transition." - Frank Schlichting, CEO of Kiwigrid


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