We believe in a world powered by 100% renewable energy.

We drive sector convergence through a powerful platform for connecting and optimizing decentralized energy and e-mobility.

We provide the platform.
You change the world.
The future of energy is here.

The future of energy is decentralized, digital, and green. With KiwiOS, we have developed a software platform that enables your company to connect, monitor and optimize the multitude of assets, systems and partners that a decentralized energy system relies on.

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KiwiCity powered by 100% green energy.


Multiple decentralized energy assets generating, storing and using green power.

The Energy Manager detects, installs and connects all decentralized energy assets.


KiwiOS.cloud uses this data to enable a variety of energy management applications provided either in a Software-as-a-Service or Platform-as-a-Service model.

Our products analyze, visualize and optimize energy flows.

Your customers reduce energy bills, maximize self-sufficiency and lower their carbon footprint.


Kiwigrid drives sector convergence in the decentralized energy world.

At the heart of this lies our energy service platform KiwiOS.


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energy business

right away

Built on KiwiOS, we offer you turnkey products in the two fastest growing market segments: home energy management and smart charging for businesses.

Our products

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We believe in a world powered by
100% renewable energy.

The future of energy is decarbonized and decentralized.

We provide the platform. You change the world.


Our mission

Trusted across sectors

IoT is complex. Energy systems are even more so. The combination of both is the supreme discipline of the energy transition. You can rely on our built up know-how for the efficient integration, visualization and optimization of devices across sectors and manufacturers. Our products have proven themselves tens of thousands of times in productive operation in the field. Numerous companies use our platform and standardized products with a total of over 220 thousand connected devices (and counting). They have also implemented over 100 projects with us for a wide range of innovative applications such as bidirectional EV charging, energy communities and demand response.

Our mission is huge.


We need the best team to accomplish it.


Join us on the journey to a world powered entirely by sustainable energy.


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